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Oct 16, 2012 4:00pm PDT
villaraigosa, mayor of los angeles. let me just start with you, mayor. how does tonight's debate, when probably between 50 million people watching and going back and forth to the baseball games, how does he reach them tonight? what does he do tonight to get them rock 'n' rolling, going to do absentee ballot, we're going to vote? how does he do it? >> the format, the questions from the audience, obviously, and he has to answer and then pivot. he has to hit mr. romney's record. just because mr. romney says it, doesn't mean it's so. we saw it in the last debate he says a lot of things, none of which are based on fact or are true. particularly his misrepresentation of our record on medicare, which, as you know the president extends medicare and reinforces it. his own record on medicare, where he wants to turn it into voucher care. and a coupon program. so, he has to be very aggressive about defending his record and putting mr. romney on his heels to explain why he says one thing and then another and then another every single day, it seems. >> gene, i'm worried people my kids' age, someone who never
Oct 1, 2012 2:00pm PDT
quantity to the republicans who hired him because the los angeles times writes his reputation is such that when he was tapped by the rnc to do field work, officials requested he set up a new firm to avoid being publicly linked to the past allegations. sproul told the times the firm has set up with a virginia address and sproul does not show up on the corporate paperwork. they knew they were dealing with is somewhat sleazily fellow and they covered for him. >> he had a whole past of doing this. >> there had been allegations about sproul going back to 2004. now, no voter suppression, throwing away democratic registration forms. nothing was proven, but he was a known quantity. in addition, there was an allegation relating to an arizona attorney general's race, so enough to make him sort of a hot commodity. >> here is something that bothers me because this affects voting. nor florida shenanigans, we have a video of a romney volunteer down there saying that president obama is a muslim. it was picked up by an answering machine after the volunteer didn't hang up before moving on to h
Oct 8, 2012 2:00pm PDT
in los angeles just yesterday taunting mitt romney for saying he'll starve big bird if elected president. and check out this cartoon from the atlanta journal constitution's mike lukovivh, quote, president mitt romney and his team reviewing live video on raid of big bird's compound. as for operation save big bird, there's this. hillary clinton takes the lead. quote, confirmed, i got the bird. we will move him to a safe house in the morning. that's hillary clinton. now, a few words from a member of the house science committee, georgia republican paul brown, a medical doctor, gave a sermon at a baptist church last month and addressed the issue of evolution. >> i've come to understand that all that stuff i was talk taught about evolution, embryology, big bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of hell. and it's lies to try to keep me and the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior. there are a lot of scientific data that i found out as a scientist that actually showed that this is really a young earth. i don't believe that the earth has been around 9
Oct 19, 2012 4:00pm PDT
in los angeles which ridiculed the prophet. was the motivation a planned 9/11 marking by a terrorist group or was it an opportunistic move which jumped on this video and used that as a cause to attack? which one? >> well, chris, based on the reporting we've had out of cairo from my great colleague david kirkpatrick it seems to line up very well with what we're hearing from u.s. intelligence forces, is that this was motivated some by the video but that the group that did it were militants and looking for an excuse. you can ask the question, would they have done something on september 11th even absent the video in i don't think i've got, at least, right now sufficient clarity on that question. what we do know is there was no demonstration that turned into a bigger militant attack. in fact, it began as a militant attack. it may have been motivated in part by word of the video which, of course, was spreading from egypt and other places. the protests in egypt had been just a few hours before. >> well, how did ambassador rice get the idea, she presented on all those five interview shows su
Oct 22, 2012 2:00pm PDT
, the anti-islamic video that came out of los angeles. did it have something to do with that according to best intel zm. >> chris, let me tell you what i heard from the intelligence officials and then you and your viewers can decide. their intelligence is that some of the people who attacked the compound on the night of september 11, had been watching the events in cairo live. they had been watching al jazeera or whatever network it was showing the protests at the american embassy in cairo about the video. they also know that in addition to watching this, they talked among themselves about what was happening in cairo, and then they went to the consulate compound. they don't have intelligence that has them planning specifically what they would do or why they would go. that, unfortunately, is still a missing piece of the puzzle, but that's what leads them to say there was some link between what happened in cairo and these people gathering at the compound and then assaulting it. >> well, was the difference then between the initial intel and the later intel that the initial intel said it w
Oct 26, 2012 4:00pm PDT
dakota senator larry pressler, a republican now supporting president obama in this race, and los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa, who is the obama 2012 national co-chair. gentlemen, thank you. massachusetts, the marquee senate race where all the money is going. elizabeth warren is actually leading the very -- well, once popular senator scott brown up about 3.5 points according to "the huffington post." this is a hard fought race with both candidates appealing to the women's vote. let's look at parts of their recent ads. first, from elizabeth warren. >> all you have to do is look at his voting record. >> he had one chance to confirm a supreme court justice to uphold roe versus wade. he voted no. >> i'm very disappointed. >> the brown campaign hit back with an ad featuring his wife. >> i'm gail huff. i want to talk to you about those untrue ads attacking my husband, scott brown. it's sad that elizabeth warren and her supporters are avoiding the issues like jobs and the economy. i want to set the record straight. scott brown is pro-choice. >> the question is, does he vote for pro-choice
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)